Nature and Creative Inspiartion

You left me your unfinished work.
You wanted me to complete your task.
I feel Your trust in me.
I'll be attentive and serious in my activity.I will sit down at
the table. I'll take your pen.
I will arrange Your things
according to your wishes.

But many things were not said by you
when you departed.

 Under the window
there are noisy dealers.
Steps of horses And the rumbling of the wheels
are heard on the stony path
Under the roof the wind is whistling.
Tackles are; creaking at the pier
And the anchors are heavily
And birds of the seaside
are noisy.
I had not opportunity to ask:
"Did these sounds hinder your creativity?
Did all the living bring you inspiration?"
As far as I know in all decisions
you were down to Earth

Nicholas Roerich

Translation and artwork by Igor Marinovsky


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