Shelter from the Rains of Trouble

The shelter from the rains of trouble
is the protection of the Merciful one - Ar-Rahim.
The king of universe - Al-Malik is the true stronghold
where I can find refuge from all woes of life.
The perfect light - An-Nur leads me through earthly adventures
to the welcoming gates of eternity.
My breath, my thoughts, my feelings cling
 to  the loving creator of my existence - Al-Wadud.

Neither thunderstorm of pain nor tempest of distress
can feel my heart with fear because my Lord - Ash-Shakur
is the true helper in all my needs.

May moments of life pass away.
May days and nights be swallowed by insatiable abyss of time
I feel in security because
 The possessor of all strength - Al-Qawiyy
controls my fate and directs me on the path to blissful Jannah.

Poetry and Photography by Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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