On the Rural Road

Travelers, now we go on the rural road.
Hamlets, fields and groves are before our vision.
Children tend the flocks.
Kids approach us. The boy gave us blueberries in birch basket.
The girl stretched a bunch of fragrant grass. The boy gave us his flute.
He thought it would be so  easier for us to go.
We're going forward.
We'll never meet these kids again.
Brothers, we have moved away from the farmsteads not far away,
but you are already tired of gifts.
You scattered fragrant grass.
You broke basket of birch basket.
You threw a little flute in the gutter.
Do we really need these things in our long journey?
But the children had nothing else.
They gave us the best from their possession
in order to beautify our way.

Nicholas Roerich

Translator and Photographer Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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It is me during my travel in town Lanivtsi

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