Should I Learn the Necessary Things Today or wait till Tomorrow?

I knew such a large number of helpful things and now I forgot all of them.

As a unfortunate voyager, as a poor man who lost his belonging,
As a stolen traveler, as a poor man who lost his possessions, I recall in vain the richness that I had owned for a long time;

I remember unconsciously the flashes of the perished knowledge. Only yesterday I knew a lot, but during the night all my learning became dull..

In any case, the day was incredible.
It was a night long and dim.
Fragrant morning came.
It was fresh and wonderful.

And enlightened by The new Sun I overlooked and lost what I had amassed.
Under the beams of the new sun my knowledge was altogether broken up.

I don't know how to recognize an adversary from companions.
I don't know when I'm in danger. I don't know when the night will come.
 I can't feel secure under the new sun.

This learning was my possession, but now I am poor.

Should I learn the necessary things today or wait till tomorrow?

When will it come tomorrow?

Nicholas Roerich

Translation and Photography by Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan

On the photo: "Ukrainian Christmas Symbol"


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