Bottomless Pit

Three days we meandered,
with us fire, weapons, garments ...
There were a considerable number of birds and brutes around.
Above us sunsets, dawns,hot fragrant breeze.
First with we strolled along a wide valley.
The fields were green and the sky was so quiet.
Then we walked through backwoods and overgrown marshes.
Heather was blossoming.
We strolled around rusty mosses.
We passed the bottomless barrier.
We held on the light of sun.
It became cloudy.
We listened the wind.
Our wet hands were touched by movements of air.
The breeze became quiet.
There were less trees around us.
We came on rocky ridge.
Juniper shrubs were seen,
The light veins of the stone masses
were smashed in the old work of creation.
We slid on the edges.
Behind the edges of the cliffs,
nothing could be seen.
It was getting dim,
We were strolling on the steps of the immense sanctuary.
The mists.
It became dark.
Underneath the mists,  Beneath the fogs. The steps were steeper and steeper.
With trouble we crept on the mosses.
Here we spent the night.
On the mossy edge we'll snooze till the morning.
Long calm night.
We wake up and heard just the shrieking of cloudy flights of feathered creatures.
Distant howl shudders constantly.
The east sparkled.
The fog covered the valley.
As sharp as ice, the peacefulness of sky was swarmed tightly.
We sat outside of the world for quite a while
until the fog was broken up.
A wall rose above us.
Underneath us, the pit was bottomless.

Nicholas Roerich

Translation and Photography by Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan

On the photo: Symbol of goat from Ukrainian town Ternopil


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