Tears of a Vampire

The night covered the world
by its jacket of haziness.

Discreetly I fly in the night of full moon.
The screech of owls is heard.

I am a vampire. I am on the chase.
I am thirsty for blood.

The window of the lonely cabin
near waterway is opened.

There vagrant young lady is living.
I flew through the window
in her room in hope to taste the blood.

But I could do nothing.
My eyes that used to the dimness
were captivated by her excellence.

"My immortality is repulsive for me.
Why am I not a simple human being?

Why cannot I enjoy graceful sunshine?..
Oh, my horrendous covetousness of blood!..

You are the scourge of my existence!"
Bitter tears spilled out of undying eyes.

My being and everything around me
started to change.

I was come back to the moment
when I was only a man before the night
of my choice to become a vampire.

I stood and look at my sleepy darling.
She opened her eyes and we
kissed in the cheerful elegance.

Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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