Social Greed and Inequality

Trap, life is a trap of circumstances and conditions.
Social positions resemble figures in chess play.
Opportunities are restricted by rules of societal travesty game.

Wealth without talents and talents without wealth
 are just signs of onerous economical inequality.
Human beings are curious creatures for observation.
Sometimes it is so comical to follow their train of thoughts!

Destitute, is it authentic destitute?...
When somebody is feeling miserable,
when he has not enough money to buy a car
though he owns already ten vehicles...

Isn't it a comedy when somebody craves
for new fashionable clothes,
though she has wardrobe full of luxurious dresses.

Fancy talk at the opulent dinner table:
"How would you help the poor
in your imagination?.."
It is just haughty boasting without any action.

Do not tell about your benevolence
of munificence. But act!
Alleviate the sufferings of the hungry.
Care about the needy!

Wealth and Glory are just the tests.
They show the weakness or vigor of character.
All achievements will fade away one moment.
But true kindness is eternal.

Poetry and Photography by Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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