Fairy Tale about Hunter and his Wife

"My sweetheart, my adoration, I go to chase
This evil forces of the underworld
are cavorting all over the place.
The obscure monsters appears 
prior to the eyes of unfortunate humans.
Do not to go outside. You are protected
in the house by my mystical spells.
Be that as it may, in the event that you will be in hazardous circumstance
simply think about me and in a split second the spirit
of wind will convey me to you."

The hunter departs.
Sound of bells is heard close to the house.

Dwarf is jumping here and thither.
He is dressed in the piece of clothing
of dead yellow leaves and has green beard.

"I dozed throughout the entire years in the hollow of old oak.
Be that as it may, now I am awaken and hungry.
This day is the day when I celebrate
the full recuperation of my strength.
Presently I am prepared to devour
and, bring mischief everywhere.
Oh, the living!..
I am so envious of your existence!
Your bodies are warm and mine is cold.
You have multiplied choices
and I am fated to feel torment
of grimness all time everlasting.
I am the walking dead
who has just fantasy of life."

The dwarf thumping at the door. -
My wonderful fairy, my princess,
my fortune, let me in,
give me a chance to hear your flawless voice."

Spouse of the hunter opened the door
and the dwarf entered.

"I need to eat. Give me some nourishment.
I am dying from hunger..."

"Here are some wild berries,
my child. You can eat them."
"No! I eat just human substance." -
the dwarf answered.

The lady felt she was losing
control over her body.
 Some undetectable power
poured in her cognizance.

She started to tremble.
In despair she had a thought
about her husband.

Abruptly the breeze started
to blow in the house.

The hunter appeared
and the dwarf
ran away.

Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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