Refuge in Love of Ar-Rahim

Words, just words are good for nothing types of dreams.
What worth has talk about equal opportunities
comradeship of people.
At the point when cruelty of reality demonstrates its terrible face
is there one step between destitution and wealth?
To lose everything in one minute is straightforward.
Just rich kid has straight path to riches...
if nothing wrong will happen.
Modernization and advancement of science
are dreams of spiritual advance.
What changed in the stream of ages.
Slavery was eliminated.
Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about individuals who spent their lives
at the work places and have no time
for their own recreation?
Are they are upbeat?
What do you think about kids who see their parents
just in the night times and the mornings?
What anticipates them?
Is free discourse an accomplishment for humankind?
It turns frequently in the revolting opportunity to outrage.
Masterminded love has a few eccentricities.
However, fanciful freedom in adoration
is method for fornication and infidelity.
Narrow minded interests of insatiability are regularly covered up
behind the cover of earnestness in the wedding time.
Majority rules system... What majority rules system accomplished?
Rights to proceed onward the way where Zaqqum tree
is growing?!
Obscenity is ideal for everybody?!
The brilliant sparkling of wicked motivations is stinking pus
of Jahannam.
Be that as it may, virtue of soul is worth more than
thousands universes.
The love of Ar-Rahim is the genuine refuge
from garbage of the insidiousness.

Poetry and Photography by Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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