Who Holds the Key of the Earth and Heavens?

Who holds the key of the Earth and Heavens?
The exalted one, the one whose position of royalty
is over life and demise.
All moments of the Past, the Present and the Future
are opened before his look.
It's not possible for anyone to close what he opens.
It's not possible for anyone to open what is bolted by him.
His fortune of benevolence is interminable.
It is impossible to get away from his anger.
In any case, occupants of his affection
will be in the transcendence
where undying youth and happiness
are abiding.

Igor Marinovsky from family Sufyan

On this photo you can see me traveling on the road in Terebovlya region of Ukraine. The weather was very hot and the way was so long. Here I was watching flights of ravens. They are special birds who like places without humans.


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It is me during my travel in town Lanivtsi

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