Fake Defenders of the Poor

The world is loaded with lies.
Trickery is the lord of numerous people.
It is not difficult to have sympathy to the poor
sitting in the lavish eatery
where you stopped for a moment to chat with your rich companions.
It is so effortless to be contender for the social equality
also, feast upon the sufferings of the less advantaged.
It is so simple to be rival of other exploiters
also, abuse your neighbors.
It so easy to advance thought of wealth redistribution
and be voracious individual.
Words, words are frequently pointless creatures of the psyche.
New class battle ejected on the planet
and contention in oppression of the downtrodden.
Double standards are inebriating drugs
for the irritating consciousness.
The mischievous soul whispers: " I need equal treatment.
Discrimination against me is a great evil.
But I have right to humiliate the unfortunate ones.
The individuals who put on a show to be defenders of poor people
are so anxious to suckle the living power from the down and out.

Poetry and PhotographyIgor Marinovsky from family Sufyan


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