Sparkling of the New Earth

 We try to have the Spirit of Great instructor
 who lived in his reliable supporters.
 The creative Spirit
 who restores human hearts by his fire.
 The person who makes new dialects
 what's more, brings motivation of new deeds.
 This New Spirit is more charming
 than invigorating breeze.
 His breath restores the earth and changes times
 in developments of magnificent life.
 The antiquated universe passes away.
 Everything turns out to be new...
 Otherworldly individuals act in the new way
 and articulate new words.
 They have new vision, new hearts and perfect contemplation.
 The sparkling of spring sun makes alive
 dead trees of winter...
 Take a gander at the discourses, hearts and acts
 of two-faced crowds...
 Their words are egotistical and loaded with avarice.
 Do you think these are new words?
  No! It is an old talking!
 Violations, unscrupulous extravagance
 what's more, grimy desire to rule all around.
 Do you think these shades of malice are new indecencies?
 No! They are old shades of malice!
 Many people venerate their ravenous paunch
 what's more, adore their mortal substance.
 Do you think they have new hearts?
 No they have old hearts!
 Gracious! Have feel pity to us, Holy Intercessor!
 Gracious, come!
 Give us new hearts, new words and favored considerations!
 Deliver  us from the cave of dishonest swarms.
 Join us with the group of brilliant occupants
 who see sparkling of the new Earth.

  Hryhorij Sawycz Skoworoda
 Translation and Photography by Igor Marinovsky


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