Triumph of Pompey and Roman Dictator Sulla

 Pompey was twenty three years old
 but he walked already on the wide path of glory.
 Without of agreement of men he became general
 as supporter of Sulla.
 Sulla was a mighty Lord of Rome, dictator, Republican tyrant.
 Pompey conquered all Africa for him
 and asked to have ritual of triumph.
 Sulla said to Pompey:
 "You are neither consul nor praetor.
 Your achievements are great
 but law has the highest authority.
 Remember when Scipion the Elder
 waged terrible war in Spain
 and overcame Carthaginians
 he did not aspire triumph
 because he had no high position."

Pompey answered:
 "Nothing will harm.
 More people are happy
 when sun rises
 than when it sets."

 Sulla asked the ones
 who stood with Pompey:
 "What do these words mean?"
 It was explained to him.

 Sulla decided:
 "If Pompey want triumph
 he will have triumph."

 Ivan Franko

 Photo "Castle of Ternopil"
 Translation and Photography by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan Marinovsky


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