Thoughts of a Poor Person

 Restrictions of life are like a prison.
 The unfulfilled  desire to travel
 around world.
 Body is chained by the lack of money.

 Advertisements of trips
 an luxurious hotels
 are meaningless for me.

 Luxury is just phantom of my fancy.

 In the supermarket I see Brazilian
 and Cedar nuts.
 I crave to buy them.
 I wish to feel their taste.
 But they are too expensive for me.

 I want always to have hot water
 in my faucet.
 But tomorrow hot water supply
 will be ceased.

 In  autumn and winter
 my apartment turns into cold mountain
 because heating is very weak.
 In that time I should go
 to sleep in cap and jacket.

 In my country alcohol, tobacco
 and internet are cheap.

 I dislike alcohol and tobacco.
 But I like to go online.

 I have friends from abroad
 but I cannot visit them.
 Also I cannot invite them
 in my country
 because they would be terrified
 by my poverty.

 They do not imagine...
 I do not even remember
 when I visited
 the restaurant for the last time.

 People in my country
 believe in political saviors.
 From time to time
 they overthrow government.
 They believe
  in the future economical prosperity.

 But I do not trust promises of politicians.
 I do not wait for "prosperity in ten years" .
 I have a longing for comfortable life now.

  Igor Marinovsky


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