Slaveholder of Craving Mind

 Humdrum life,
 going for some illusory benefits,
 wishful thinking,
 materialistic dream
 fell in the poisonous dirt
 of unsuccessful pride.

 Expectations to win
 in the game
 when everything
 will be lost,
 hopes of fake fascination
 swallow joy of life
 in the janitor place of morbid existence.

 Time spent for foxy dreams
 turns into boomerang of disappointment.
 Moments of Earthly schemes
 leave the disgust of remembrance.

 Wealth is slaveholder of craving mind
 that smears swindlers with fake respect.
  Temporary perspective cringes and is in
 torment of its own torturers.

 Hunger for money compels
 people to kneel before untrue ideals
 and takes away all self-respect.

 Thirst to reach higher levels
 in the civilized society of corruption
 transforms humanity into heartless machine
 without any emotions.

 Freedom and liberty of outer conditions
 are great merits of eternity
 that lead through the gates of perfection.

 Poetry and Photography by  Sheikh Igor Marinovsky


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