Imaginary Ideas and Fake Pride

 We will feed you by imaginary ideas
 and take away your real food.
 We will turn your savings into nothingness
 and songs of fake pride will be your inheritance.
 We will spread glorious flame of war
 and your offspring will die in famous battles.
 We will throw your life into misery
 and phantoms of untrue
 hope will fly over your heads.
 We will lead you to the false bliss
 and gates of hell will be opened before your face.
 We will take away your joy of genuine reality
 and you will be immersed in the world of illusions.
 We are evil. But we wear the mask of kindness.
 Your consciousness will be numb because of our promises.
 Our words will manipulate your behavior.
 Your think we are gentle doves of love
 but our nature is ferocious.

 Poetry and Photography Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky


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