Grief and Wilderness

 Do not think to get rid of grief in the jocund company
 behind the table where people are drinking
 and have glad shouts.

 Do not go in the luxurious house where music is sounding
 and happy couples are dancing.
 There you would have bitter heartache.
 Your forehead will be covered by heavy clouds.

 Have no courage to go in human flow
 where mob with one hundred heads is going
 in worries and noise you will be drown there.
 Your grief will not pass away.

 Better go in the dark grove among wild grasses.
 and in the field where wind has its walk.
 In the wilderness, talk with your grief.
 Maybe wind will chase it away.

 And begin to sing song without sadness
 in order to make grief smile.
 The horrible monster will go away from you.
 And in the heart again quietude will reign

 Lesya Ukrainka

 Translator and photographer by Igor Marinovsky


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