Sadness of Young Girl

 Guelder rose-Raspberry, why are you in the meadows?
 Are you not afraid of the wind? Have you no fear of night?

 I am not afraid of wind. I have no fear of night.
 Where I am planted. I am green.

 Young girl, why are you sad?
 Do you have headache? Are you not free in the world?

 I have no headache. I am free in the world.
 I have a longing for my faithful love.

 I have a longing for my faithful love.
 I cried for the darling of my heart.

 Young girl did not sleep for three nights.
 She was writing letters on the white paper.
 She wrote letters on the white paper
 and sent them to the warrior on Thursday after supper.

 Warrior took the letters and read them.
 He cried sorrowful remembering his beloved.

 Ukrainian folk song

 Translator and Photographer Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky


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