Love Without Anger

 I was never angry at you.
 I felt always pity on you,
 when you did not recognize our bond,
 when you kept silence without replies,
 when warmth of my heart could not penetrate
 through the icy door of doubts and separation,
 when you said: "Let me go"
 though you soul cried:
 "Do not allow me to be separated from you.",
 when you considered that our love
 was a torturous pain.

 I was never angry at you
 because I knew that you suffered so much.
 Many days of your life were full of sorrowful torment.
 The light of happiness was hidden from your sight.
 The morbid darkness estranged your existence.
 But in the clandestine place of your heart
 there was always your flame of innocent affection to me
 and arduous longing to be with me forever.

 I felt your feelings in the thoughtful look of your eyes
 in the tender features of your face
 in the beauty of your black hair.

 I was never angry at you.

 The fire of my love melted icy door of division.
 All doubts, fears and suspicions flew away.

 Our souls embraced each other
 though our bodily existences
 are in different countries.
 now the entire eternity welcomes our union.

 I was never angry at you.
 I was always loving you.

 Poetry and Photography by Igor Marinovsky


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