Full Moon and Love

 In the ancient bazaar
 old oriental witch was selling clothes,
 In her hair of blackness
 the wisdom of twilight was hidden
 Her lunar face was otherworldly.
 Her dark eyes penetrated
 into the deep streams of consciousness.

 I came to that magical woman
 in order to buy jeans.
 She met me warmly
 and showed me the goods.
 I chose very quickly Asian jeans.
 When I payed money
 the witch said:
 "The full moon and dusk and fireflies
 will lead you to your beloved."

 After my purchase.
 I saw an eerie  dream.
 I was in the center  of forest glade.
 Fireflies were flying around me
 and full moon was shedding its light.
 You came to me from the thickness of forest.
 You wore long white gown.
 Tiny stars were flickering in your hair.
 Joy began to play in your eyes
 when you looked at me.
 You said: In the proper time
 you will find me on the Earth
 where the full moon is depicted.

 The years passed away.
 i found on the internet your blog
 with logo of full moon
 and recognized your dear image.
 Thus my journey was started
 on the path to our communication.

 Poetry by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky
 Free photography of Doug Walters


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