Spirit and Hermit

 I was a spirit and you were a hermit.
 We were undivided friends
 in the forest of dreams.
 I helped you to find mushrooms of wisdom
 and you sang for me songs of delight.
I showed you visions of futurity
 and you entertained me by your deep thoughts.
 I embraced your soul with my tender love
 when we watched together light of sunrise
 over the calm waters of forest lake.
 Your comradeship was gladness of my existence.
 One day you left the forest and came to the country of people
 in order to improve human society.
 But nobody listened your message.
 You were distressed and disappointed.
 You felt more lonely than in seclusion of the forest.
 You had no hope.
 Bitterness of suffering enclosed your heart.
 Then I appeared before your eyes
 and poured brightness of immortality
 and refreshing encouragement of purity
 into your being.

 Poetry and Photography by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky


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