Alien from other Dimension

 I am a stranger in this world.
 I look through the window of time.
 Minutes and hours appear and disappear.
 before my eyes.
 Events take place and fall into abyss of nothingness.

 I am a traveler. I am a watcher not a participant.
 I am an alien from other dimension.
 I have a longing for you, soul of my soul
 because our destiny is one and our hope
 is beyond the stars of new reality.

 We travel in harsh lands of strange customs.
 We suffer pains and disappointments.
 We were chasing the bird of outer solace.
 But it always avoided our hands.
 we tried to find love outside.
 But hatred was always found.
 We tried to be connected to the world.
 But the world showed us its face of coldness.
 Then we turned into consciousness of each other
 and found true peace of glistening image of our destination.

 Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky
 Part of free image "Alsatian Girl" by Jean-Jacques Henner


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