Liberty, Equality and Comradeship

 Thoughts about liberty
 bring a lot of comfort
 when everything falls apart.
 Even if life is full of restrictions
 liberty shines as bright star of heavens.
 Burdens of bitter hardships
 cannot crush idea of liberty.

 Word of liberty is the call to change.
 Word of liberty is the cheat of swindlers.
 Word of liberty is the phantom and hope of reality.

 Collective liberty is a fake.
 Personal liberty is ideal.

 Equality is the sister of liberty
 and a challenge for mind of progress.
 Equality does not mean simply equal rights.
 Equality means real impartial treatment.
  Equality does not see the difference
 between the rich and the poor,
 the glorious and the simple.
  Nothing can bribe true equality.
  Seduction of money
 is the worthless dust
 under its feet.

 Equality is the mother of comradeship.
 Comradeship is the true union of humanity
 in the care of love and compassion.

  Igor Marinovsky

 Part of Free image "Peasant from Valencia" by Alexander Golovin


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