Two Guides of Life

 The first guide was dark-haired,
 clothed in black.
 His coal-fired eyes
 irradiated depth of goodness
 and eternal rebellion
 against righteous injustice.

 He said:
 "Go with me,
 I will lead you on the wide road
 that looks like narrow way
  in the perception of those
 who fear immortal pit
 of continuation.

 Authority of Spirit
 is in your heart.
 Do not listen
 to the external
 counselors of lies.

 Be yourself.
 Do not give up
 your liberty..
 Do not become
 a slave
 of misty visionaries.

 After many days
 of your inspired journey
 you will find the land
 where intolerance
 and hatred are cast away,
 music of true equality is sounded,
 nobody feels thirst and hunger
 and all are united
 in harmonious existence."
The second guide had hair of sunshine.
 His bright garment was crafty thought of heavens.
 His eyes reflected cloudless spaces of the sky.

 He said: " Go with me!
 I will lead you on the thorny narrow way.
Subdue your will to me
 and be my slave.

 Be patient and carry every day
 heavy burdens of obedience.
 Listen to my messengers
 and share with them
 your possessions.

 Feel constant guilt
 and never have true comfort.

 Rely on worthless words
 of ruthless divine mind.

 Groan daily
 under iron yoke of oppression
 and wait for the day
 when I will put
 golden crown on your head
 and your enemies will sink
 in painful torments of eternity."

 At first I started to go
  with guide of sunny light
  on the thorny path.
  I did not complain
 because of painful sufferings
  but I asked a lot of questions
  that made my guide morbid and sorrowful.
  He was not able to give me
 any reasonable answers,
  I questioned my guide:
  "Why I should give
  my material possession
  to to your messengers.
  They are spiritual
  and must not be interested
  in temporary things.
  They can work with their hands
  in order to fill their bellies.
  Why are your messengers
  and want to know everything
  about my income.
  He always said to me:
  "Your duty is to listen and obey.
  I know better what you
  should have in the life.
  You must feed my holy ones
  and be satisfied with crumbs of bread.
  Do not aspire earthly gains
  and look for heavenly existence.
  Because of such insolent words.
 I left the thorny way
 and embraced
 ideal of true freedom
  in the land
 of coal-fired guide.

 Poetry and photography by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky


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